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April 1-2: Indiana German Heritage Society 2nd Annual Symposium

When: Friday, April 1, 5:00-9:00 PM; Saturday, April 2, 9:00 AM -- late evening

Where: Mostly the Athenaeum, Saturday afternoon the group shifts to Zion Evangelical United Church of Christ, Corner New Jersey and North Streets (two blocks north of the Athenaeum) for a musical tribute of the 150th anniversary of the Indianapolis Männerchor by several Indiana German choirs

"Germanness" permeates Indianapolis, beyond the fact that 40% of the residents of Indiana are of German descent. It's part of the culture, the music, the architecture. The Indiana German Heritage Society's annual symposium is a great chance to celebrate your German roots -- no green dye in German beer when they celebrate! -- or if you are part of the 60% Germanless Hoosier population, to become acquainted with one of the world's great cultures. Music is the theme this year, you will be able to hear and learn about the ways German music has shaped life in this city and state.

When it rains it pours. My recommendation for April 1 and 2 is to binge on German politics and culture. Friday: Attend the Transatlantic symposium on German-American relations at Butler, then go to dinner at the Athenaeum and hear Giles Hoyt and Bill Laut (President, Indianapolis Männerchor) talk about “Voices Raised in Song: Indianapolis Männerchor Historical Notes.” Saturday: Show up at the Athenaeum at 9 for German coffee and German refreshment, listen to talks about German music, have a filling German lunch, spend the afternoon listening to German choirs at Zion Evangelical United Church of Christ ... then return to the Athenaeum Rathskellar to celebrate Sankt Benno Fest. Visit the Indiana German Heritage Society's website for registration information and an agenda. It's a bargain for this much quality Teutonic fun:

Registration Fee $20.00 (includes admission to concerts)
Friday Evening Dinner $20.00/person
Saturday Luncheon $15.00

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