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April 20: A Transatlantic Debate: “A ‘United States of Europe,’ Friend or Foe for the United States of America?”

The Indianapolis stop on the TIESWeb Transatlantic Citizen Marathon 2005

A Debate between Franck Biancheri (president of the Transatlantic Information Exchange System) and John Clark (Senior Research Fellow, the Sagamore Institute)

A “United States of Europe”:
Friend or Foe for the United States of America?

Wednesday, April 20 — cocktail reception 5:30 PM, dinner 6:30 PM, debate and discussion 7:15

Butler University (4600 Sunset Ave. Indianapolis): Johnson Room, Robertson Hall

Sponsored by the Indiana Council on World Affairs, Sagamore Institute, and the Transatlantic Information Exchange System

Events of the past few years have led many Americans to believe that as Europe grows increasingly unified, it is also more willing to act against vital American interests. Examples include widespread European opposition to the US invasion of Iraq, disagreements over how to deal with terrorism, constant trade disputes, and Europe's willingness to sell advanced weapons to China. Does this mean that the US and a large assertive EU are destined to be rivals, even enemies? What would that conflict involve? Should anything be done to prevent this antagonism from growing?

Franck Biancheri is Director of Europe 2020, a leading trans-European think tank; President of TIESWeb (the Transatlantic Information Exchange System), a network of civic organizations in Europe and the US; and President of Newropeans, magazine and movement for those born in a unified Europe. His innovative efforts to promote a democratic unification of Europe led TIME to select him as one of 20 “Heroes of Europe” in 2003, and PoliticsOnline to name him one of the 25 individuals or organizations around the world having the greatest impact of technology on politics.

John Clark is Senior Fellow with the Sagamore Institute for Policy Research. Before helping found Sagamore, he was Director of the Center for Central European and Eurasian Studies at Hudson Institute. He is the author of books, articles, and studies about such topics as the collapse of communism, Polish environmental policy, social welfare politics in the US and UK, and organized crime and terrorism in Europe.

This event is open to the public. Reservations should be made by calling 317-566-2036. Dinner for members of ICWA is $20.00, and for nonmembers, it is $22.00. All reservations must be received by Friday, April 15. No reservations are necessary to attend only the debate and discussion at 7:15 PM; however, there is a $3.00 fee for ICWA members and their guests. Nonmembers’ fee is $4.00. Students can attend the debate for free.

Please direct any questions about the event to John Clark: john@sipr.org.

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