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April 5: Neighborhood Redevelopment and Revitalization

A breakfast briefing featuring Allan and Susan Tibbels, New Song Urban Ministries

When: Tuesday, April 5 8:00-10:00 AM

Where: Kite Conference Center, 30 S. Meridian St. Indianapolis

Sponsored by Sagamore Institute.

Allan and Susan Tibbels are founders of New Song Urban Ministries, a community-based “ministry of ministries” that takes a multi-dimensional, holistic approach to neighborhood development. Since 1988, New Song has focused its revitalization efforts on Sandtown-Winchester in West Baltimore, Maryland, where the Tibbels have brought together a vast array of programs and opportunities that not only revitalize neighborhoods, but also empower those who live in Sandtown. Thanks to hard work and creative leadership, New Song is partnering with foundations, churches, corporations, colleges, civic groups, the City of Baltimore, and the State of Maryland. Among the programs that operate under the New Song umbrella are a Habitat for Humanity branch, a grade school known as the New Song Academy, a job-skills and placement center, an arts program, the New Song Family Health Services Center, and the New Song Community Church (planted by the Tibbels). The New Song team has built or rebuilt one-third of the houses in Sandtown, trained and placed hundreds of workers, and transformed the Sandtown environment into a place of hope. But Sandtown is more than just a ministry for the Tibbels—it’s also their home. New Song Urban Ministries has been honored by the Anne E. Casey Foundation and featured in national publications such as U.S. News & World Report, The Baltimore Sun, and Habitat World. To find out more about New Song, visit www.nsum.org.

To hear more about Sandtown and what Indianapolis can learn from New Song’s neighborhood development success story, please RSVP to events@sipr.org by April 1 (acceptances only). Call Pat Hasselblad at 317-472-2050(ext. 303) with any questions.

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