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May 18: Sagamore Symposium: Energy Security in Asia and Its Implications for US Policy

When: Wednesday May 18, 2:00-4:30 PM

Where: Sagamore Institute Third Floor Meeting Room, 340 W. Michigan St. Indianapolis

Perhaps the most important task the US assumed following World War II was ensuring the predictable flow of relatively inexpensive oil to the industrialized and industrializing countries of the world. This goes beyond guaranteeing that American SUVs have gas in their tanks, it's a global responsibility. And it won't get any easier in the years to come. A glance at a list of the top 20 petroleum exporting countries shows that most of them are poor, have despotic governments, experience frequent bouts of political instability ... their problems become our problems.

The stunning economic rise of China and India have made the problem much worse for the US. Even if the US and Europe were abruptly to embrace dramatic cuts in their consumption of fossil fuels, the ever increasing demands from China, India, and other rising economies would drive world consumption of oil ever higher ... and that is even before every Chinese and Indian family decides part of prosperity is owning two cars.

This symposium will address what Asia's energy security will mean for the US in the years ahead. We will feature Robert Ebel, head of the Center for Strategic and International Studies program on energy and international security; Dong Hyung Cha, an official in the South Korean Ministry of Commerce, Industry, and Energy and a visiting fellow at the Sagamore Institute; and Richard Lotspeich, an economist at Indiana State University who specializes in energy and conflict in China and Russia.

This symposium is open to the public, free of charge. Any questions? Send them to John Clark at john@sipr.org.

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