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Oct. 24: The United Nations, Democracies, and Civil Liberties: Can We Learn Lessons for the Struggle against Extremism

A panel discussion with Fran Quigley (executive director of the Indiana Civil Liberties Union), Pierre Atlas (director of Marian College’s Franciscan Center for Global Studies) and John Clark (Sagamore Institute)

When: Monday 24 October, 7:00 PM

Where: North United Methodist Church, N. Meridian St. at 38th St. Indianapolis

October 24 is United Nations Day … how much more controversial can you get in Red-State America? I’ll be joined by two of the area’s brightest and most decent experts on human rights, civil liberties, and international relations: Pierre Atlas of Marian College and Fran Quigley of the Indiana Civil Liberties Union. We will discuss how other countries facing terrorist threats are handling the delicate balance of freedom and security. We have seen our closest legal cousins, the British, adopt very harsh measures in the wake of the London subway bombings of 7/7. How are other European democracies coping with the threat from extremism? Can the US learn lessons form them? Does the United Nations provide guidance, or does it only stand as an obstacle to protecting ourselves and the world effectively?

I hope I find some answers to these questions before being thrust in front of a crowd with such smart guys as Pierre and Fran; I am certain I will know a lot more by the time the event is finished.

Sponsored by the League of Women Voters of Indiana, the Indiana Civil Liberties Union, the Franciscan Center for Global Studies, and the Sagamore Institute. Questions? E-mail me at john@sipr.org.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Can't wait to hear this program! Since there are UN committees struggling to rework that organization's structure, will one of you give a quick summary that night of anything accomplished to that point?
-Karen Kay Leonard
President, LWV-Indianapolis

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