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Oct. 6-9: In Solidarity: Engaging Empire in Activism, Education and Community Strategies

A Peace and Justice Studies Association and Plowshares National Student Peace & Justice Conference

When: Thursday-6 October to Sunday 9 October

Where: Goshen College, Goshen IN

I am all for any serious treatment of the “New American Empire,” perhaps the most important topic facing us and the world today. Will this be serious? There’s a tension to this conference I am still trying to get my brain around. On the surface it would appear to be a typical — even stereotypical — leftie conference about American power (“It’s bad”). But there is also a celebration of the violent movement Weatherman Underground, which could make for an interesting session or two since the conference is being organized by pacifists. Here’s what the organizers promise:

In a post-911 world powered by a global matrix of multinational corporations, media outlets, renegade governments and military forces, where does one begin the processes to dismantle the systems of domination and oppression? What are the strategies, tactics and discourses for overturning the Empire? How can one effectively change the meta-narratives of imperialism and colonization? How does one engage racism/white supremacy/white privilege? What political options are available? What are the implications of Empire at home and abroad? What role does nonviolence play? How does one build local communities of solidarity and cultivate the grassroots culture? How does one connect with the world-wide solidarity movement?

Important themes, but could be kind of goofy. Judge for yourself by checking out the conference website for details.

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