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Oct.13: Outsourcing jobs: US dilemmas

A “debate“ between Justin Heet, author of Beyond Workforce 2020: The Global Labor Force and John Clark

When: Thursday 13 October, 3:00-4:30 PM

Where: Glendale Mall OASIS 6101 North Keystone Ave Indianapolis

Outsourcing has been characterized as a threat to American jobs and companies by some, while others claim it is necessary to stimulate overall economic growth. What effects does outsourcing really have on economies that are sending jobs overseas? How does outsourcing affect economies that are receiving the influx of jobs?

This is the classic “glocal” issue, as far as I am concerned. We can no longer talk about a local labor market, or even a national labor market. Local workforce developments in Mumbai and Monterrey are shaping local development in Marion County. My intuitive feelings about outsourcing: (1) on the whole, Indiana and the world is better off; (2) but individual workers in Indiana and in India are hurt badly by global labor competition; (3) no one in Indianapolis deserves to lose her job or her home because of changes in the international labor market; (4) the answer isn’t to close ourselves off from competition, it’s to prepare our workers for global competition through education, better information about job availability, a trampoline-like social safety net, and other policies that are in many cases going to be expensive; (5) workers in India don’t deserve to suffer either, so we need to help them adjust as well.

Justin Heet is an associate fellow at Sagamore Institute, and was perhaps the brightest young researcher I was privileged to work with at Hudson Institute. He was one of the contributors to the bestselling Workforce 2020. Justin got hosed by Hudson closing its Indianapolis shop since the move came just as he was completing writing Beyond Workforce 2020 … a book that Hudson now “owns” but has no interest in publishing. Poor Justin. A year or two of work down the tubes, but it means he knows more about this topic than just about anyone else. This will be a lot of fun.

For more information… read Justin Heet’s article, “America and the Coming Global Workforce.”

If you like this event, check out …the business perspective on gaining the competitive edge through global sourcing. And contrat it with the careful analysis of corruption as endemic to the global capitalism … in this glocal world, we are effected by more than just job competition.

This is part of the OASIS Great Decisions series. If you would like to attend, please contact me at john@sipr.org.

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