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Sept. 16: Dance with a Nun: Break the Silence, Break the Chains of Tradition for the Women of Africa

A day of fun and cross-cultural education about Africa

When: Friday 16 September, 4:30-9:00 PM

Where: St. Philips Church, 720 Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Street, Indianapolis, IN 46202

One of the best events I organized at Hudson institute was for Sister Sabina Stella Santana, a Ugandan nun who had established a nongovernmental organization in Uganda called “Break the Silence, Break the Chains of Tradition for the Women of Africa, Inc. (BSBCTWA)” Sister’s Sabina’s story was a good one, her cause a noble one, but the best part of the event was when she taught to crowd of 60+ Hoosiers (many of whom were themselves 60+) how Ugandans dance. A lot more booty-shaking than one expects from a nun, especially a nun giving a talk in a right-wing think tank.

You have a chance to experience the delight that is Sister Sabina. St. Philip’s Church will host a book signing and fundraiser for BSBCTWA. Sister Sabina will share her books, Break the Silence; Break the Chains; and Ten Happy Ending Children's Stories Vol. 1. Other works by local authors and artists will also be available, including those of Nina McCoy of Indianapolis. (Proceeds from Sr. Stella's books will go towards the completion of the Women's Adult Education Center in Uganda.) In addition to the book signing will be cultural events including Food, Belly Dancers led by Judy Drums by Indianapolis Urban Vibes, Music and dance by Wabash University, Poetry by Afri-Shake children, Gospel Music by four Gospel Choirs, and more. Volunteers are very welcome .

Break the Silence, Break the Chains of Tradition for the Women of Africa is a non-profit organization based in Indianapolis to assist the women of Africa in their fight against oppressive traditions. BSBCTWA initiates educational programs to help women change their lives and live as full human beings for the greater glory of the Creator. BSBCTWA wants to bring about change in African traditions such as ending the circumcision of women, the sexual and physical abuse of women, enabling women to inherit, women maltreated in the employment setting, the trafficking of women, and improve women’s educational opportunities. Questions? Contact Sister Sabina S. Santana: P.O.BOX 441724 Indianapolis, IN 46244; Tel: 317 489 3013; bsbcatwainc@yahoo.com

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