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Nov. 8: "Migrations of a Melody" in words and melody

A treasured story set to music

When: Tuesday 8 November 7:30-9:30 PM

Where: Cultural Arts Center at the Hasten Hebrew Academy 6602 Hoover Road Indianapolis (Cultural Arts Center venue entrance and parking on south side of Hasten Hebrew Academy of Indianapolis)

This will be a more interesting event even than the "Spirit & Place" blurb would lead you to think:

Enjoy a unique musical and spoken performance exemplifying the nature and power of music. The performance begins with a dramatic reading of popular Yiddish author Y.L. Peretz’s short story, "Migrations of a Melody" read by Bernard Wurger. It also features a musical performance by the Ronen Chamber Ensemble. The event will delight audiences of all ages, as it showcases the dynamic ways in which music and cultures travel, moving in time, space, and spirit.

Born in 19th century Zamość in Poland, Peretz is considered to be the father of modern Yiddish literature. " "A Gilgul fun a Nigun" is one of his most famous stories, a tale of a melody that was lost for years, unsung and presumed dead ... but that would periodically reappear in a new form. The title of the story is often translated as "Manifestations of a Melody" or (perhaps most apt for the idea of being reborn) "Reincarnations of a Melody." "Migrations" probably fits best Spirit and Place's theme this year of "Moving & Staying."

This image comes from a 1948 Paris illustration of "A Gilgul fun a Nigun."

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