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February 27: Listen to heavy law from a clever prof, Nicholas Georgakopoulos

IU-Indianapolis Law Professor Nicholas Georgakopoulos delivers the Inaugural Harold R. Woodard Professorship Lecture

When: Tuesday February 27 Lecture 5:00 p.m., Reception: 6:00 p.m.
Where: IU School of Law-Indianapolis, Lecture in Wynne Courtroom; Reception in Conour Atrium

Professor Georgakopoulos was a Professor of Law at the University of Connecticut before moving to Indianapolis. The scion of an old Greek legal family, he began his legal education in his home country, graduating first in his law school, and completed it by studying law and finance at Harvard where he then held a postdoctoral appointment. His doctoral dissertation focused on insider trading, disclosure obligations, and securities fraud. One of the resulting articles was cited by the S.E.C. to the U.S. Supreme Court.

No title yet for his talk, but be warned that Prof. Georgakopoulos does serious and heavy-duty legalizing. If you want a flavor read his article, "Contract-Centered Veil-Piercing." Its abstract:

The application of the doctrine of piercing the corporate veil to contract disputes has been attacked as undesirable. This article shows that applying piercing to contracts is desirable. Contract-centered veil-piercing functions akin to a penalty-default clause that encourages the efficient production of information, avoids wasteful precaution, and promotes the use of the corporate form for entrepreneurship.

But here are three cool things about Prof. Georgakopoulos. His article on "Contract-Centered Veil-Piercing" starts with a meditation on this scene from "The X-Men." And that picture, with the pink robe fuzzing in and out of focus, that's cool. So are these 3D graphics.

For more information, visit the IU School of Law-Indianapolis events webpage or contact Shaun Ingram for more information: (317) 278-4789

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