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Dec. 13 -- Sen. Lugar on "America and the World: A View from the Senate"

A tour of the globe with mega-statesman Se. Richard Lugar

When: Sunday December 13, 7:00 PM
Where: Marian University, Civic Theatre

Free and open to the public.

Why should you attend this event? Even though he is far from the most magnetic speaker in American politics, when Sen. Lugar talks it is riveting. Without notes he will take the audience on a tour of the most troubled spots in world, offering nuanced analyses and realistic solutions. It is an impressive show.

If you think this event sounds interesting, be sure to check out … See the Senator at the Lugar Collegiate Energy Summit September 16. The public conversation between Lee Hamilton (one of Sen. Lugar's only competitors for title of "America's greatest statesman") and his brother Rev. Richard Hamilton on October 8

So what's going on at this event? Richard Lugar is a longstanding advocate of U.S. global leadership, free-trade, and a strong national defense. A Rhodes Scholar and former presidential candidate, he has been nominated for a Nobel Peace Prize for his role in reducing the stockpile of nuclear weapons in the former Soviet Union. A fifth generation Hoosier and the longest serving U.S. senator in Indiana history, he is chairman of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee. This is an experience that no one should miss. This talk should be a reality check of sorts for many of the discussions happening around Indianapolis this spring. Sen. Lugar probably represents the best combination of power and thoughtfulness we are likely to see in the Senate. That doesn't mean we should limit our ambitions only to what the Senator thinks is realistic ... it means that when he says a course of action is not realistic, we may have to make it happen ourselves, without waiting for the government in DC to do it for us.

Sen. Lugar & friend

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