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The buzz of the week: security vs freedom in an age of terrorism

The buzz-theme of the week appears to be the delicate legal balance between national security and personal liberties. Three important events address the topic. Nov. 16 Hudson Institute president Herb London returned to Indianapolis to debate ACLU president Nadine Strossen.

Nov. 17 IU-Indianapolis Law Professor William Bradford talks to the Indiana Council on World Affairs about the implications for international law and security of the reelection of president Bush.

And on Friday Scott Bates, senior policy advisor to the US House Select committee on Homeland Security (and IU Law prof) talks about the war on terrorism, failed states, and civil liberties at home and abroad.

Residents of Central Indiana will have no excuse for being ill-informed about this most crucial of issues! Add to this visitors to Indianapolis by authors of two of the best and most important books to come out in years: Jason deParle (welfare reform) and Azar Nafisi (Reading Lolita in Tehran) ... it's a busy week.

As always, tell me about any events that should be publicized, and let me know what you think about the site in general: john@sipr.org. See you at these events (I hope),


Nov. 16: Indiana Educational Technology Summit: Teaching & Learning in the Digital Age

Nov. 16: "Seven Deadly Sins of Exporting"

Nov. 16: "Balancing Civil Liberties and National Security in an Age of Terror"

Nov. 17: US Dependence on foreign oil

Nov. 17: Why reading really matters: A discussion with Azar Nafisi

Nov. 17: New forms of war, international, and the foreign policy of the next Bush Administration

Nov. 18: The country's best reporter on welfare reform reports on welfare reform

Nov. 18: IU Symposium on nuclear proliferation in Asia

Nov. 19: How to handle (and how not to handle) nukes

Nov. 19: The week's third helping of security vs liberties!

Nov. 19: Using a visit by a Thai journalist to reform political reporting in Indiana?

Nov. 19: A discussion of the Kurdish Question in Bloomington (scroll down for info)

Nov. 22: The Bulen Symposium

Dec. 6: Discussion about Street Saints with Barbara Elliott

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