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can a discussion of investigative journalism with a Thai reporter lead to comething bigger in Indianapolis?

Friday, November 19, 4:00 PM
A discussion of political reporting in Thailand, and perhaps brainstorming for improving the coverage of politics in the US
Sagamore Institute, 5395 Emerson Way

This is an invitation to IndyBuzz readers. I'd like to invite you to an informal discussion about investigative journalism and politics with a reporter from a Thai business newspaper. Sanoh Sukcharoen will be at the Sagamore Institute this Friday, Nov 19, at 4:00 PM. He is in the US as part of the State Department's International Visitor's Program. He wants to learn about the political, commercial, and ethical aspects of journalism in the US, especially outside the major cities. Below you can read some information about his program's objectives to give you a sense of what he hopes to accomplish while in the US. These are always interesting meetings for the international visitors, when they come to Sagamore (nee Hudson) Institute they get to talk to people who both know a lot about the particularities of their countries and a lot about specifics in US politics. They are good meetings for the American participants too since it provides us a chance to think about our own circumstances viewed through the eyes of an outsider.

I have an ulterior motive in convening this meeting on Friday. As you know, criticisms of the coverage in the news of local, national, and international politics are becoming increasingly loud. In the coming months, I hope we can have a series of wider discussions about what can be done -- about what we can do -- to improve the coverage of politics. Talking with our Thai visitor should be an excellent to launch (or at least prepare the launch of) those discussions. If you will be able to come to Sagamore for this discussion, please let me know by calling me (John Clark) at 317-549-4159, or e-mail me at john@sipr.org. (This is also part of a tradition of relaxed brainstorming at the mansion Friday afternoons, and I need to make sure we have enough lubrication.) If there is anyone you think would like to be part of this conversation, please let me know and I will send them an invitation. And please feel free to make any suggestions about the larger discussions of the news and politics. Thanks, and I hope to see you Friday at 4:00.

This is what our Thai visitor hopes to accomplish Friday:

Program Objectives

To enhance Sanoh's skills and knowledge in investigative reporting, standards including free and responsible press, especially from U.S. experts, and to acquaint him with investigative reporting in American journalism circles, especially in small U.S. towns.

To expose Mr. Sanoh to investigative journalism practices, particularly with organizations having limited circulation.

To analyze the effects of political, commercial and editorial pressures on the accurate portrayal of news events.

To access current strategies to protect press freedoms including professional ethics, accountable investigation techniques and independence from special interest groups that could impede editorial freedom, staunch political tolerance or reduce economic viability.

To examine models of ethical practices in the "Marketplace of Ideas" that fosters trust between political entities, promotes economic prosperity and independence from conflicts of interest and the conundrums of public vs. private interests.

While in the United State, Mr. Sanoh SUKCHAROEN, will explore the following topics:

  • journalism education in the U.S.
  • the use of technology to speed up the news cycle and distribution
  • the use of technology to develop investigative journalism methodologies
  • investigative journalism in a small community
  • a discussion with Federal State or local investigative
  • authorities on investigative journalism
  • international drug trafficking
  • U.S. foreign policy support for democratization

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