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IndyBuzz provides information about Central Indiana's most stimulating and thought provoking events -- discussions and conferences, art exhibitions, films, music performances. It tells you what's happening … explains why you should be part of what’s happening. More than an events calendar, though, IndyBuzz tries to make events more meaningful for participants by suggesting an article or two to read before the event, recommending books or websites that will be sources of further information after the event, and pointing out related events that are worth attending.

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To navigate IndyBuzz, start with the first posting (this one). It will have links to events arranged chronologically. Or you can scroll down through the events, keeping in mind that they will probably be out of the order in which they will occur. If you want to be added to an e-mail list informing you about new events in the Central Indiana area, send me an e-mail at john@sipr.org. As always, tell me about any events that should be publicized, and let me know what you think about the site in general. Distribute this as widely as you can ... the more people we get coming to events, the better will be the quality of our civic life.

May 9: "Women's Issues and Reform in Morocco and the Middle East" -- A talk by Rhama Bourqia

May 11: US Intelligence Reform -- talk by James Kunkel of the FBI

May 12: “Trademark Infringement in China - An Indiana Company's Case History” -- a talk by Peter Baranay, president of ABRO Industries

May 16: James Morris, International Citizen of the Year

May 18: Sudan's Crisis in Darfur -- A talk by Sarah Archer

May 18: Sagamore Symposium: Energy Security in Asia and Its Implications for US Policy

May 18: “Geostrategy and Petropolitics: Does US Energy Policy Make Any Sense?” -- a talk by Robert Ebel of the Center for Strategic and International Studies

May 25: Global Water Issues -- talk by John Clark

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