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Sping buzzes to a close with Chinese challenges and resource wars

A prominent theme these days is China … and that’s likely to continue for a long time. Folks interested in doing business with China had a chance to hear a horror story from ABRO (a South Bend company that had its identity as well as product stolen by a Chinese firm) at a World Trade Club lunch. Brave souls who would still like to do business in China will have two excellent opportunities to learn how to do it at an executive seminar put on by Barnes & Thornburg; and a splendid executive symposium by IU’s Kelley School of Business about doing business in China (as well as Brazil, Russia, and India). You can learn about China’s ever-increasing thirst for oil (and the economic and military implications that will have for the US) at a Sagamore Institute symposium on energy security May 18. Get a dose of Taiwanese-Chinese culture when the Dance Troupe of the Taipei College of Physical Education performs. And be reminded about the still repressive treatment of religious and other rights by the Chinese government at Marian College.

Another recurring theme: The international implications of scarcity of resources such as oil and water in places such as Asia and the Caucausus (Chechnya and Georgia). Lots of chances to learn.

Summer means many of the groups and universities that usually sponsor IndyBuzz-worthy events go on hiatus until the fall. But life gets even more interesting, with many fantastic art and cultural events. Those will be the focus of the next iteration of IndyBuzz …. Stay tuned.

To navigate IndyBuzz, start with the first posting (this one). It will have links to events arranged chronologically. Or you can scroll down through the events, keeping in mind that they will probably be out of the order in which they will occur. If you want to be added to an e-mail list informing you about new events in the Central Indiana area, send me an e-mail at john@sipr.org. As always, tell me about any events that should be publicized, and let me know what you think about the site in general. Distribute this as widely as you can ... the more people we get coming to events, the better will be the quality of our civic life.

May 16: James Morris, International Citizen of the Year

May 16: The Catholic Church in China – A talk at Marian College

May 18: Sudan's Crisis in Darfur -- A talk by Sarah Archer

May 18: Sagamore Symposium: Energy Security in Asia and Its Implications for US Policy

May 18: “Geostrategy and Petropolitics: Does US Energy Policy Make Any Sense?” -- a talk by Robert Ebel of the Center for Strategic and International Studies

May 21: The Dance Troupe of the Physical Education College of Taipei

May 23: China – Business Opportunities and Challenges

May 25: Global Water Issues -- talk by John Clark

June 6: EU and US policy toward the Caucausus -- Lunch and a Policy Roundtable discussion

June 24: Business in Brazil, Russia, India, and China – An executive symposium

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