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Nov. 11: “Becoming a Peacemaker”

Approaching peace from an end of the universe opposite from an international think tank

When: Friday 11 November, 7:00-10:00 PM

Where: Unity Church, 907 N. Delaware Indianapolis

I am pretty sure that the good people at the School of Metaphysics are looking for the same thing we think-tankers at Sagamore Institute are seeking … peace. But it is hard to imagine a more different approach! If you are dissatisfied with current approaches to securing international peace and domestic enlightenment (and you have reason to be dissatisfied), you might want to check this event out. Say the organizers:

“People around the world yearn for peace, yet few know how to make peace in times of trouble. This program offers five keys for making peace—Ideals, Love, Friendship, Respect, and Service. The key concepts are drawn from the lives of Mahatma Gandhi and Nobel Peace Prize winners Rev. Martin Luther King, Jr., the Dalai Lama, Mother Teresa, Jimmy Carter, and Albert Schweitzer. Learn about the keys, enjoy a discussion that helps you clarify your own thoughts, and write about friendship. Then crystallize your thoughts into a single statement to share with each other in a friendship circle, culminating in a ritual called a “Circle of Love,” giving light and love to one another, the community, and the universe. Donations accepted.”

Presented by School of Metaphysics. Questions? Call 251-5285 or e-mail amypawlus@aol.com or somindianapolis@yahoo.com.

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