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Nov. 13: "Israelis and Palestinians: Living in Peace as Neighbors"

When: Sunday 13 November, 2:30-8:30 PM

Where: North United Methodist Church, Fellowship Hall, N. Meridian St. at 38th St. Park behind church entering either from N. Meridian St. or from N. Illinois.

Palestinians and Israelis deserve to live secure and in peace. Sadly, this has not been realized. But there are people on both sides who want the madness to stop. This program will present videos, speakers in dialogue with the audience, and peaceful conversation around the dinner table, all done, say the organizers, in search of the way to peace with fairness and justice for both Israelis and Palestinians.

This event will feature a prominent peace activist, Jeff Halper, coordinator of the Israeli Committee against Housing Demolitions (ICAHD). Halper is, to put it mildly, controversial in Jewish circles, on the far edges of the Israeli Left: for a flavor of his views, see this article and this interview; for a flavor of the passion he inspires in his enemies, see this. This event will be an opportunity to hear the side of the extreme side of the Israeli peace movement; for a more critical engagement with Halper’s positions, I am organizing an event at Sagamore Institute … stay tuned for details.

Christians for Peace and Justice in the Middle East, Indianapolis Peace and Justice Center. Questions? Call 638-0152 or e-mail gacaday@sbcglobal.net. Registration including dinner: $13.00; Registration without dinner: $3.00. Dinner registrations should be made by November 10th. Advance registrations should be sent to CPJME V-Chair, 4436 N. Pennsylvania Street, Indianapolis, IN 46131. Make checks payable to CPJME. Limited reservations can be made at the door on November 13.

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