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Feb. 15: Salih Booker explains what Americans can do to help Africa

IUPUI's Committee on African and African-American Studies presents Salih Booker

When: Wednesday February 15, noon

Where: IUPUI Cavanaugh Hall, Room 508

Salih Booker is the Executive Director of Africa Action, the oldest organization in the US devoted to educating and mobilizing Americans and others to fight for positive US and international policies toward Africa and to support African struggles for human rights and democracy, peace and security, and development. He is also a board member of the International Relations Center (IRC) and Foreign Policy in Focus analyst and Advisory Committee member. He appears regularly on CNN International as well as on other national and foreign news programs.

We have a great chance this spring to understand better the cultures and problems of Africa, with potent films about the region at the IMA on February 16 and February 23 (and the Indianapolis International Film Festival has a special section of African movies). Laura Engelbrecht is making a documentary with Angelina Jolie about childsoldiers in Africa, she will be here March 15. If you want to hear the views on Africa of the most power of US foreign policymakers, listen to Sen. Lugar on February 19 and Randall Tobias on May 15. As you might gather from the picture of Salih Booker being arrested in front of the White House, he recommends assertive, even aggressive actions to bring Africa to the attention of policymakers and the public. It's an approach that should be supplemented by the hundreds of groups in town that are already engaged or at least are trying to be engaged in doing something to help Africa without waiting for the powerful policymakers in DC to react. You can hear from them at the Citizen's Diplomacy Summit at Marian College on April 3.

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