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IndyBuzz provides information about Central Indiana's most stimulating and thought provoking events -- discussions and conferences, art exhibitions, films, music performances. It tells you what's happening … explains why you should be part of what’s happening. More than an events calendar, though, IndyBuzz tries to make events more meaningful for participants by suggesting an article or two to read before the event, recommending books or websites that will be sources of further information after the event, and pointing out related events that are worth attending.

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Navigating IndyBuzz in the Spring

To prevent this blog from being too cumbersome, use this post as your navigation tool. It has a chronological listing of all the upcoming events for the spring ... about 68 events at latest counting. (This is an intellectually active and culturally engaged community!)

At the bottom of each individual posting you'll find a link:

The bottom of each posting is likely also to have a link to a posting that has the events organized by themes:

You can scroll down through the entire blog, which is in rough chronological order (because of the way blogs work, this requires entering postings in reverse order, the most distant in the future first). But as I learn about and research additional events, the chronological order will get rougher and rougher. When in doubt, click on the Return to Navigating IndyBuzz link, and you should come to this posting.

All this is intended to help go where you know you want to go while still exploring unfamilar territory, to find what you want to find and to find what you didn't know you really wanted to find until you stumbled onto it.

As always, please tell me about any events you think should be IndyBuzzed. E-mail me at John@sipr.org.

The latest pass of IndyBuzz-recommended events:

March 30: Observe Nin Andrews and Brady's Leap push the bounds of intellectualized sexuality

March 31: Ask film expert Dennis Bingham of IUPUI "who deserves a biopic?"

April 1 and 2: Consume your music as a happening with Orkestra Projekt

April 3: Join a Community Summit on Citizen Diplomacy at Marian College

April 4: Get riled at the ACLU's debate over same-sex marriage

April 5: Hear University of Indianapolis professor Milind Thakar analyze US-Iran relations

April 5: Hear about "Israelis and Palestinians: After the elections ... what next?" from Israeli Consul General Barukh Binah

April 5: Chat with Ambassador Joseph Huggins about Africa

April 6: Seize another chance to hear Barukh Binah on the Middle East

April 6: Head to Purdue to hear Lech Wałęsa

April 7: It's First Friday, get out and appreciate some art

April 8: ¡Tango con Tanguísimo!

April 12: Watch Steven Pinker, the world's foremost popularizer of cognitive psychology, and his hair

April 12: Hear Fran Quigley on human rights and the war against terrorism

April 13: Join Chinese dissident and possible Nobel Prize winner Bei Dao

April 13: Shake up your liberal modern worldview with Victor Davis Hanson

April 18: Join a discussion of “Latin America - The political environment and economic opportunities with a look at Cuba

April 18: Listen to prize-winning Nigerian writer Chris Abani

April 19: Take your second chance to hear Charles Dhanaraj explain whether China and India are rivals or allies

April 19: Hear the historian Forrest McDonald tell us why we are in trouble

April 19: Get your paranoia fix when David Rothkopf talks about the shadowy National Security Council and US politics

April 21: Be the first to hear the results of Sagamore institute's study of the economic relations between Indiana and Mexico

April 24: Learn about why the eventual democratization of China is great news for our grandchildren, but maybe not such a good deal for us today

April 25: Warm up for the International Film Festival with a very special opera performance

April 25: Be the first kid on your block to have an autographed copy of Milton Viorst's new book, Storm From the East: The Struggle Between the Arab World and the Christian West

April 26: Discuss energy security with John Clark

April 26 to May 4: Spend nine days at the International Film Festival of Indianapolis!

April 27: Hear selections from the opera Turandot performed while viewing works from the greatest living Chinese traditional artist

May 3: Talk Turkey with Çiğdem Balım of IU

May 3: Hear Sally Pipes on market-based solutions for the American health crisis

May 10: Discuss pandemics and global security with Eric Meslin of the Center for Bioethics

May 15: Celebrate USAID director Randall Tobias, Indianapolis International Citizen of the Year

May 17: Join another discussion of UN Reform with Ed DeLaney

May 24: Analyze Brazil with Craig Auchter of Butler University

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