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May 10: Pandemics and global security with Eric Meslin

An explanation of the effects pandemics such as AIDS and avian flu have on global security and US foreign policy by one of the country's leading bio-ethicists, Eric Meslin ... Director of the Indiana University Center for Bioethics, Professor of Medicine, and of Medical and Molecular Genetics in the Indiana University School of Medicine, and Professor of Philosophy in the School of Liberal Arts, and Assistant Dean for Bioethics at the Indiana University School of Medicine (and carrying one of the world's largest business cards).

When: Wednesday May 17, talk 11:00-noon, lunch noon - 12:45

Where: North United Methodist Church, N. Meridian St. at 38th St.

Post 9/11, security and public health authorities are planning for epidemiological disasters as never before. What does that planning encompass, and how effective is it likely to be? What lessons can be learned from reactions to the global AIDS pandemic and its growing impact on the developing world?

With the possible exception of Sarah Archer, it's hard to imagine anyone better at explaining the impact of international pandemics on US and world security than Eric Meslin, who came to Indiana University in July 2001 from the U.S. National Bioethics Advisory Commission (NBAC), where he had been Executive Director since 1998. NBAC was appointed by President Bill Clinton in 1995, and was charged with advising the White House and the federal government on a range of bioethics issues including cloning, stem cell research, international clinical trials, and genetics studies. He has authored (or co-authored) more than 80 articles and book chapters, with most focusing on various topics in research ethics and health policy. His research interests include the ethics of research involving human subjects; the conduct of research and treatment in economically developing countries; the use of federal advisory committees as mechanisms for constructing public policy; the collection, storage, and use of human tissues for genetics research; stem cell research; and ethical and policy issues arising from the human genome project. He is also Co-Editor of the “Bioethics and the Humanities Series” published by Indiana University Press.

This very hot topic is part of the Mid-North Shepherd Center's Great deicisons series. Questions? Contact 317-924-0959 or mnscenter@aol.com. For a different perspective on this topic, check out Sarah Archer's "Great Decisions" talks for the Indiana Council on World Affairs and the Church of the Saviour. Prepare yourself intellectually by reading the latest stories about how bad things might get in the months ahead.

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