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March 7: Pedro Cardoso on Brazil

Pedro Cardoso of GeoPol talks about Brazil as part of the ICWA's Great Decisions series

When: Tuesday March 7 -- registration at 7:00, program runs 7:30-9:00 PM

Where: Butler University, Pharmacy Building

After decades of economic volatility, Brazil is finally enjoying steady growth, despite a political scandal surrounding the administration of President Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva. Will Brazil continue on course toward stability? What impact will the scandal have on Brazil's economy, on its South American neighbors and on the U.S.?

Pedro is one of the ringleaders of GeoPol, a virtual think tank (or as they style themselves, a "drink tank") of absolute stone cold international politics junkies. It's an exciting group that aspires to understand and find solutions for just about every global problem. Tom Barnett had this to say after his evening with GeoPol following his talk at the ICWA:

Dateline: in the Shire, Indy, 19 January 2006
Had a fun night last night with World Affairs Council of Indianapolis, which hosted me for brief at Butler University in northern Indianapolis. Brought daughter Emily along for cocktail hour, then dinner, then my brief with Q&A, then signing some books. After all that we go to local bar where we participate in meeting of Geopol, a local virtual think tank of young professionals, scholars and students who get together and discuss geopolitics. There we got an excellent presentation on possible military strike options against Iran and debated the utility and feasibility of such approaches. Really quite cool.

Or if you would like a sense of what GeoPol discussions feel like, visit Pedro's multimedia site and play video 1.

This will be a great talk. Pedro is Portuguese, born in Africa and spending much time in Brazil ... his geo-strategic perspective is certain to be unique. Expect a large contingent of GeoPolitans to coe to cheer and jeer their comrade in his ICWA debut. If you can only make one session of the ICWA Great Decisions series, this should be it.

You have a couple of chances to hear different takes on the future of Brazil: I'll talk about the subject February 22, and Craig Auchter will talk May 24.

The ICWA's Great Decisions series is free for students. For ICWA members, the series costs $9 for an individual and $14 for couples. For non-members it's $12 for individuals and $17 for a couple. Attending single sessions costs $5. You should get the book of eight fine articles that goes along with the series, it costs $12. Any questions? Contact Mitzi Graham 317-872-4004.

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