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IndyBuzz provides information about Central Indiana's most stimulating and thought provoking events -- discussions and conferences, art exhibitions, films, music performances. It tells you what's happening … explains why you should be part of what’s happening. More than an events calendar, though, IndyBuzz tries to make events more meaningful for participants by suggesting an article or two to read before the event, recommending books or websites that will be sources of further information after the event, and pointing out related events that are worth attending.

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Navigating IndyBuzz in September

Here are some of the most stimulating, thought provoking events for September. The middle of the month is dominated by the 19 parts of the excellent adventure of "My Daily Constitution" ... for more information about this series check here or here. But as you see, we have much more to look forward to this month.

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Heave a sigh of relief that you are soon to move from the clunky blog-world of IndyBuzz to the sleek, stylish, and user-friendly electronic magazine Provocate! In the meantime, explore what is on tap this September, and let me know what you think.


This September you have a chance to learn the answers to these and other urgent questions:

Sept. 8: What does the history of Indiana’s relations with Japan teach us today?

Sept. 11: What will Zadie Smith say at Butler on the 5th anniversary of 9/11?

Sept. 12: What did a Hoosier “Sherpa” learn guiding (and failing to guide) two Supreme Court nominees to the summit?

Sept. 12: What do Wal-Mart and Evangelical Christianity have to do with the global reality of work?

Sept. 14: How can a Lebanese-American professor possibly envision “a peaceful Middle East”?

Sept. 15: How can IUPUI better connect Mexico and Indiana?

Sept. 17: Is there a better place for an open reading of the Constitution than the Statehouse?

Sept. 18: How free is free speech in academia, too free or not free enough?

Sept. 18: So who are “We the People”?

Sept. 19: What are the right and wrong limits to free speech?

Sept. 19: Can we have both security and civil rights, or will we wind up with neither?

Sept. 20: Do US signatures on international treaties mean anything?

Sept. 20: Does the Constitution mean freedom or tyranny (Arsenal Tech debates the answer)?

Sept. 20: What was Pierre Atlas doing in Cuba and on the Lebanese border?

Sept. 21: When should private property be taken for the public good?

Sept. 21: Does anyone speak more passionately about the War Powers Clause than Andy Jacobs?

Sept. 22: Who owns the First Amendment?

Sept. 22: Are there reasons gay people shouldn’t have equal rights?

Sept. 23: What constitutional rights apply to non-citizens?

Sept. 23: What can a bus tour tell us about tensions between private property and social good?

Sept. 23: How does the Constitution apply to young people … and is it worth a hip hop poetry slam?

Sept. 24: Can films truly hope to capture the experience of Muslims in the US after 9/11, the work of Arab journalists during the invasion of Iraq, and Bolivians when they first meet James Carville?

Sept. 24: Can we have a constitutional democracy and a constricted right to vote?

Sept. 25: Do posters about Katrina and New Orleans have to be depressing?

Sept. 25: Is China’s modernizing economy a threat to the US?

Sept. 25: Can our local experts shed light on the summer’s crises in the Middle East?

Sept. 28: A Chinese legal scholar asks, “Does China have a legal system?”

Oct. 3: How did a 19-year-old Mexican and a 24-year-old Belarusian get to be world-class poets?

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