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February 14: Join Susan Erickson for a discussion of International Migrations

Susan Erickson on International Migrations for the Church of the Saviour Great Decisions series

When: Wednesday, February 14 7:00 PM
Where: Church of the Saviour, 6205 Rucker Road Indianapolis

The movement of people across international borders can be initiated by conflict, economic reasons or the chance to achieve political freedoms. Migration issues have taken center-stage in the U.S. and EU, as citizens increasingly worry about job security and terrorism. What are the advantages and disadvantages for countries that are affected by migration?

Although Susan Erickson specializes in American politics, particularly in campaign finance and the media's role in politics, she also teaches courses on international relations and Asian politics. She has carried out extensive research in Taiwan, Hong Kong, Hungary, and Poland. Ms Erickson frequently appears as a political commentator on television, and is a great favorite of the Bob Calhoun Memorial Great Decisions Series.
If this event sounds interesting, you should check out the ICWA's Great decisions discussion of global migration on February 27. The Great Decisions discussions of Mexico February 7 and February 20 will be useful, as will be a contrasting perspective of Africans in France on January 19.

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Anonymous said...

Is Susan Erickson's presentation Feb. 14, as the header says, or March 23, as the text says?

john clark said...

Her talk is the 14th of February, an ideal event for taking that Special Someone on Valentine's Day.

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