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IndyBuzz provides information about Central Indiana's most stimulating and thought provoking events -- discussions and conferences, art exhibitions, films, music performances. It tells you what's happening … explains why you should be part of what’s happening. More than an events calendar, though, IndyBuzz tries to make events more meaningful for participants by suggesting an article or two to read before the event, recommending books or websites that will be sources of further information after the event, and pointing out related events that are worth attending.

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A listing of IndyBuzz events for Spring 2007

Through the end of January: Move yourself to Big Car for an exhibit of art inspired by Mexican protests
January 12-14: Be the first kid on your block to see David Hoppe's "After Paul McCartney"
January 14: Discuss race, law, and civil rights with legal scholar and activist Christopher Edley
January 15: Celebrate Martin Luther King Jr. Day with your family at IHS
January 17: Calculate the Costs and Benefits of Preventive War vs. Deterrence in Iran with a Cato scholar
January 18: View the classic Japanese film “Gion Bayashi” at IMA
January 19: Explore the roots of racial confrontation and discontent in France with Didier Gondola
January 20: Watch high school brainiacs do battle at the Academic WorldQuest Tournament
January 24-25: Discover opportunities in China at a two day conference
January 24: Hear Pierre Atlas explain the causes of the many Middle East crises
January 25: "Throw Your TV Out the Window" with RothStauffenberg
January 26: Discuss Indiana and Kenya with Hoosiers who are making a difference
January 26: Explore Madame C.J. Walker's "Treasured Collections" at IHS
January 27: Hear the country's leading Lincoln scholar at IHS
January 30: Decide for yourself whether Trust is indeed "The Essential Yet Often Elusive Ingredient in Corporate Success”
January 30: Watch John McCormick and John Clark debate whose power is more super
January 31: Find out what is causing global climate change, and what can be done

February 1: Join Alice Kaplan in exploring writers' responsibilities and accountability
February 1: Head to IMA to learn whether weddings in China and Nigeria look all that different
February 2: Find out what happened to the Balts who went back
February 2: Spend an Evening with NPR superstar Tavis Smiley
February 5: Join a reading by poets María Meléndez and Francisco Aragón
February 5: Learn about the challenges facing "Post-Conflict Central America”
February 6: Discuss the science and politics of global climate change
February 7: Figure out what is happening in Mexico and why we should care
February 8: Get charged by a reading by The Affrilachian Poets
February 8: Jolt your world with crash course in Pop Art
February 8: Go to IMA to watch the Brazilian film "Favela Rising"
February 8: Learn about what international public health was like before the World Health Organization
February 8: Hear IMA's Maxwell Anderson envision a culture of responsibility for museums in the 21st century
February 9: Groove with Sancocho and explore African culture in Latin America
February 13: Learn about Lebanon and the rest of the Middle East from Prof. Nafhat Nasr
February 13: Get a report on the Catholic Church in Latin America
February 14: Join Susan Erickson for a discussion of International Migrations
February 14: Sweeten your V-Day with Chinese and Western art and music at UIndy
February 15: Jolt your world yet again at the Eiteljorg: Pop Art Part II
February 15: Rize to the occasion by viewing the "krump" film "RIZE" at IMA
February 15: Spend a wholesome day at the 18th annual Joseph Taylor Symposium on "Urban Universities/Urban Communities: Partners in Social Justice"
February 16: Find out why Childcare Literature has any influence over Childrearing Practices of American Mothers
February 17: Attend the premiere performance of "Dreaming of an Island"
February 20: Review US Trade Policy over dinner with the World Trade Club of Indianapolis
February 20: Talk about what should be done to help our troubled (and sometimes troubling) neighbor Mexico
February 21: Hear Terri Jett's impressions of South Africa (and perhaps learn more about race in America)
February 21: Join Stefan Halper in searching for the "the Rational Center" in policy discussions
February 21: Listen to Taner Akçam, the Turk who believes in the Armenian Genocide
February 22: Listen and watch the Music of Art: "Daughter of the Regiment"
February 22: Learn about Africans in Mexico with the film "AFRICAN BLOOD" at IMA
February 23 - March 1: You HAVE to see the film "Iraq in Fragments"
February 24: Celebrate Black History Month by exploring relations between African and Native Americans
February 24: Experience performance art by María Magdalena Campos-Pons
February 25 – July 15: Dig the African roots of Cuba with Bill Rasdell at IMA
February 25: Get your Cuban groove on at the opening of three Cuban-oriented exhibitions
February 25: Talk about "AfroCuba Through the Artist’s Lens"
February 27: Discuss whether Capitalism can possibly be in the Common Good
February 27: Listen to heavy law from a clever prof, Nicholas Georgakopoulos
February 27: Ask yourself how we will be changed by global migration
February 28: Join Sheila Kennedy in discussing bringing war crimes before the International Criminal Court

March 2: Hear legal theorist John Yoo explain the Constitutional Powers of War and Peace
March 2: Meet John Yoo at Sagamore Institute
March 6: Gear up for the return of the ACLU-Indiana's First Tuesday debates
March 6: Explore South Africa with Kelly Campbell of Ambassadors for Children
March 7: Learn the rules for the Great Game in Central Asia for the 21st Century
March 7: Travel down "Warped Passages" with Lisa Randall
March 7: Meet the Actor Robert Neal
March 8: Meet Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg at IU-Indy law school
March 9: View “Ed Paschke Nonplussed” at Herron
March 9: Learn from the Swedes how to integrate work and family
March 12: Hear what Colin Powell has to say for himself
March 13: Ask expert Raj Purohit whether War Crimes belong in the International Criminal Court
March 14: Learn from one of the best about children and international conflicts
March 17: Sample Seasonings of the West at the Eiteljorg
March 20: Set sail on a "Sea of Longing" with a lecture about Campos-Pons and Caribbean Art
March 20: Ask the #2 guy what's up with "Today's FBI"?
March 20: Solve Central Asia's problems with John Clark
March 21: Stand by to learn who will be the ICWA distinguished speaker
March 22: Lose yourself in the classic film "Battle of Algiers"
March 23: Learn what it was like “Editing Ray Bradbury”
March 27: Visit with Visiting Writer Jane Hirshfield
March 27: Hear Siobhán McEvoy-Levy on Children and international turmoil

April 5: Dialogue with Henry Louis Gates and John Hope Franklin
April 7: See Seeing Santería with a Babalawo!
April 12: Learn about foiling art thieves in Baghdad
April 13/April 15: Revisit Black Gods of the Metropolis: African American Religions and the Great Migration
April 14: Discuss of African American Religions in Indianapolis
April 18: Ask “Can we define, let alone solve, global warming?”
April 25- May 4: Make a priority to attend the marvelous Indianapolis International Film Festival
April 26: Converse about the Art of Magdalena Campos-Pons
April 26: Shake it with the Urban Drum Ensemble
April 27: Find out why they compare Martín Espada to Pablo Neruda
April 27: Don't miss this chance to see Kurt Vonnegut!
April 28: Watch three films that inspired María Magdalena Campos-Pons

May 10: Discuss Cuban dissident Zoe Valdes's "Yocandra in the Paradise of Nada"
May 17: See Santería at IMA with the Guided Tour "Seeing Santería"

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