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January 17: Calculate the Costs and Benefits of Preventive War vs. Deterrence in Iran with a Cato scholar

Justin Logan brings the libertarian-leaning views of Cato Institute to a discussion of "Iran's Nuclear Program: A Look at America's Options" with the Indiana Council on World Affairs

When: Wednesday, January 17 Social hour 5:30-6:30; dinner 6:30-7:15; talk 7:15-8:45
Where: The Marten House 1801 West 86th Street Indianapolis 46260

Justin Logan is one of the very bright young Foreign Policy Analysts that the Cato Institute seems so good at recruiting. Cato is seen as the leading libertarian think tank in the US. Its love of unfettered markets and deep suspicion of government action would lead most to think of it as conservative. But on many issues of military action and international security, Cato sounds a lot like left-leaning critics of the Bush Administration.

Logan's recent paper on “The Bottom Line on Iran: The Costs and Benefits of Preventive War versus Deterrence,” is interesting. A summary:

It appears increasingly likely that the Bush administration's diplomatic approach to Iran will fail to prevent Iran from going nuclear and that the United States will have to decide whether to use military force to attempt to delay Iran's acquisition of a nuclear weapons capability. Some analysts have already been promoting air strikes against Iran, and the Bush administration has pointed out repeatedly that the military option is "on the table." This paper examines the options available to the United States in the face of a prospective final diplomatic collapse.... The United States should begin taking steps immediately to prepare for a policy of deterrence should an Iranian bomb come online in the future. As undesirable as such a situation would be, it appears less costly than striking Iran.

If you want to learn more about Logan, check out his website: www.justinlogan.com/

Reservations for this special talk and dinner (at the Marten House!) should be made by calling 317-566-2036, or e-mailing cmatthewfox@gmail.com. E-mail reservations must have the subject heading "ICWA Dinner Reservations" and must contain all contact information, including name, address, telephone, and number of reservations being made. All reservations must be received by the end of the day Thursday January 11. This is also the date by which any cancelations must be received.

Dinner for ICWA members is $22 per person, $24 for non-members. If you would like to attend only the talk, the cost for ICWA members is $3; for nonmembers, the talk alone is $4.

At 3:00 PM on January 17th Logan will informally discuss Iran and other Middle East topics with experts and students at the Sagamore Institute. To reserve a spot, contact John Clark at john@sipr.org.

If this event sounds interesting, you should check out some of the other events about the Middle East coming up this spring. As part of local Great Decisions series, Pierre Atlas will talk about the region on January 24, Prof. Nafhat Nasr will talk February 13. Logan's theme is not only exactly Iran but US policy stance toward Iran. That means some of the discussions of US power and responsibility -- the American Empire -- will be very relevant. Check out the debate about the US vs Europe between John McCormick and John Clark January 30, and the talk by the critic of neo-conservative foreign policy Stefan Halper February 21.

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