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February 21: Join Stefan Halper in searching for the "the Rational Center" in policy discussions

Stefan Halper, influential critic of neo-conservative foreign policy, turns his attention to the debasement of public discourse of media-hungry public intellectuals

When: Wednesday, March 21 Social hour 5:30-6:30; dinner 6:30-7:15; talk 7:15-8:45
Where: The Marten House 1801 West 86th Street Indianapolis 46260

A couple of years ago Stefan Halper came to public notice with America Alone: The Neo-Conservatives and the Global Order (written with Jonathan Clarke), a conservative critique of the hijacking of US foreign policy by radical neo-conservatives. Today their argument is well on its way to becoming accepted wisdom among conservatives. In Silence of the Rational Center: Why American Foreign Policy Is Failing, Halper (and Clarke) turn from an ideology to the shrill and sterile DC-centered media and policymaking climate.

Stefan Halper is a Senior Fellow at the Centre of International Studies and a Senior Research Fellow at Magdalene College, Cambridge. He directs the Donner Atlantic Studies Programme at the Centre of International Studies and lectures on latter 20th Century US foreign policy, Anglo-American relations, and contemporary international security issues. Stefan Halper holds doctorates from both Oxford and Cambridge. He has served four American presidents in the White House and Department of State and is an expert on U.S. foreign policy, national security policy, the United Nations and Anglo-American relations. Dr. Halper's research interests remain centred on Anglo-American relations, US national security issues and international security matters. Recently he has focused on the nature of the political discourse of the right. and the left, the rise of extremist views and their prevalence in the national political discussion, the rise of anti-Americanism among European elites and the implications for US policy in the decades ahead.

Read this early review of The Silence of the Rational Center, and see this film of Halper and Clarke discussing America Alone.

Prof. Halper will participate in an informal discussion at Sagamore Institute the afternoon of February 21. For more information, contact John Clark at john@sipr.org.

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