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January 26: Discuss Indiana and Kenya with Hoosiers who are making a difference

Members of the Indianapolis Rotary Club, the IU Medical School, and local churches discuss their work in Kenya ... and I will discuss how this represents a new way of thinking about humanitarian aid and public diplomacy

When: Friday January 26, 2:30 PM
Where: Sagamore Institute 340 W. Michigan St. Indianapolis (Indiana Historical Landmarks Foundation Building)

Some day when the story is told of how Kenya survived the early 21st century, Indiana will be an important part of the story. Start with the massive and still growing partnership Indiana University Medical School has formed with Moi University in Eldoret, Kenya. Add the Indianapolis Rotary Club's ambitious plans now being launched. Toss in churches such as 2nd Pres and North United Methodist, which are setting up and running orphanages. And the "volun-tourism" missions to Kenya being organized by Ambassadors for Children. It adds up. In fact, these sorts of local-to-local partnerships to solve global problems could become more significant than the US-government-to-foreign-government relations that we think of as foreign aid. The direct relations -- the "citizens diplomacy" -- established through these partnerships could be more important than the "public diplomacy" campaigns sometimes launched by the State Department.

Several Hoosiers currently engaged in local-to-local relations with Kenyans will discuss their work, the problems they are addressing and the possibilities of working with Kenyans to find solutions.

If this event sounds interesting, you definitely should check out the fundraiser for the IU-Moi partnership at The Studio School and Gallery February 10. Kelly Campbell of Ambassadors for Children will talk to the Indiana Council on World Affairs about South Africa on March 6, you are sure to learn more about how you can help Africans solve their problems.

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To read an essay about Hoosiers and Africa, "Who Can Help Africans Solve Their Problems?" that connects many of the events relating to Africa this spring, go to Views-PRI, the sister site of IndyBuzz (and forerunner of the electronic magazine Provocate).


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