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March 8: Scott Pegg explains where Turkey is headed

A talk to the Church of the Saviour's Great Decisions by Scott Pegg, professor of political science at IUPUI

When: Wednesday March 8, 7:00 PM

Where: Church of the Saviour, 6205 Rucker Road Indianapolis

Turkey has long sought membership in the European Union. Roadblocks remain, as several European countries are wary of Turkey's candidacy. Could Turkey's membership in the EU help Western relations with the Islamic world? Or could the possible rejection of Turkey cause an even wider divide?

Scott Pegg came to IUPUI in 2001 from Bilkent University in Ankara, Turkey. He primarily teaches courses on International Relations, War and Conflict, US Foreign Policy, and Globalization. He is the author of International Society and the De Facto State (Ashgate, 1998) and the co-editor of Transnational Corporations and Human Rights (Palgrave Macmillan, 2003). Scott has published many journal articles and he is also the author of the non-governmental organization report Poverty Reduction or Poverty Exacerbation? World Bank Group Funding for Extractive Industries in Africa. Scott's current research interests focus on the human rights and security implications of transnational corporations. He is also working on the dynamics of conflicts involving lucrative natural resources.

Beyond research and teaching, Scott is Chairman of the International Friends Committee of Bebor Nursery/Primary School in Bodo City, Ogoni, Nigeria, where he is actively raising money to build nursery and primary schools in two rural villages in southeastern Nigeria. Scott is also advisor for the IUPUI Student Global AIDS Campaign. He is married to Tijen Demirel Pegg, from Turkey.

Scott will be talking about whether Turkey is likely to get into the European Union, a topic that visiting Hungarian diplomat Kós András will discuss February 24. Scott will probably talk about the political economy and security issues for Turkey; Harry Lepinske (March 21) will talk more about business and the economy; and Çiğdem Balım (May 3) may discuss more cultural matters. At any rate, attend the performance by the Yuval Ron Ensemple and Najwa Gibran on March 16 for an insight into the mystic strain of Turkish Sufi Islam.

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