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Feb. 1: Charles Winslow talks about US-Iran relations

Charles Winslow, the unofficial dean of Middle Eastern political studies in Central Indiana, discusses whether the US and Iran will fight as part of the Church of the Saviour's "Great Decisions" series

When: Wednesday February 1, 7:00 PM

Where: Church of the Saviour, 6205 Rucker Road Indianapolis

A conundrum for U.S. Administrations for the past quarter century, Iran has a population that may be the most pro-American in the Middle East, while the Iranian government may be the most anti-American. The election of Iran's conservative president has raised concern that hardliners will shape policies against U.S. interests. How can the U.S. check Iran's influence in Iraq, Afghanistan and other countries in the region? How will the U.S. and the international community mitigate the crisis over Iran's nuclear ambitions?

Helping answer these questions will be Charles Winslow, Political Science professor emeritus at IUPUI. For three decades Charlie has been the academic expert of choice for talks like this. He has earned a devoted fan base (of which I am a member).

Although it is not part of this evening's topic, you can read parts of Charlie's fine book, Lebanon: War and Politics in a Fragmented Society for a sense of the clarity and grace of this thought. Want some background to the tense relations between the US and Iran? The Middle East Media Research Institute has translations of the staements of Iranian leaders. Get current news about Iran from Western sources from Yahoo.

You also might like to check out the other Iran-US discussions: Sean Foley of dePauw talks to the Indiana Council on World Affairs February 14, and Milind Thakar talks to the Mid-North Shepherd's Center on April 5. You should also attend the discussions of the news media coverage of and in the Middle East at Butler on January 31, and at Marian College March 20.

Charlie's analysis of Iran's relations with the US could resemble Pedro Cardoso's geo-strategic analysis of US-Brazilian relations on March 7, and Scott Pegg's analysis of relations with Turkey March 8.

If you would like to learn more about Iran, or connect with local groups who care about relations with Iran, you can contact John Clark at john@sipr.org. Or you can contact Charles Winslow at cwinslow@iupui.edu.

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