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IndyBuzz provides information about Central Indiana's most stimulating and thought provoking events -- discussions and conferences, art exhibitions, films, music performances. It tells you what's happening … explains why you should be part of what’s happening. More than an events calendar, though, IndyBuzz tries to make events more meaningful for participants by suggesting an article or two to read before the event, recommending books or websites that will be sources of further information after the event, and pointing out related events that are worth attending.

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IndyBuzz is back … and it’s BIG!

A roughly chronological schedule of some of the most interesting and thought-provoking events for Central Indiana through November. Click on the event, or try scrolling down the blog. As always, please tell me if you know of any events that ought to be publicized to a wider audience: John Clark at john@sipr.org. Thanks, and enjoy!

Sept. 13: Faith and Values in the News: Who, How, When, Where, and Why Not

Sept. 14: The Gulf Region after 9/11

Sept. 14: "China and the Asia-Pacific in an Era of Global Conflict"

Sept. 15: “The Constitution and the War against Terrorism

Sept. 15: An evening with Paul Volcker

Sept. 16: Dance with a Nun: Break the Silence, Break the Chains of Tradition for the Women of Africa

Sept. 20: “Gaining Access to Global Markets: An Indiana Case Study

Sept. 21: "Hooking Up: Sex, Alcohol and the Death of Romance on College Campuses"

Sept. 21: Sagamore Institute Conversation on Philanthropy

Sept. 22: Iran: Its Future Relations with the US and with the World

Sept. 24: A performance of Chinese folk music

Sept. 25: Intelligent Design and Evolution: A Discussion of Education, Science, and Faith

Sept. 26: “A Revolution in Evolution: Rewriting Evolutionary History

Sept. 26: The Current State of US-Israel Relations

Sept. 28: A lecture at DePauw on Bioethics and Faith

Sept. 28: The Struggle for a Multiracial Democracy in the 21st Century

Oct. 1: Perspectives on Iraq -- A major conference

Oct. 5: Whose Values are “Real” American Values?

Oct. 6-9: In Solidarity: Engaging Empire in Activism, Education and Community Strategies

Oct. 10: Global Communities, Local Transitions: The Promise and Risks of Central Indiana

Oct. 11: Haiti: The International Community’s Dictatorship

Oct. 12: Finding consensus in a divided nation and state

Oct. 13: A Conversation with George Will and Bill Bradley

Oct. 14: A Conversation with Anna Quinlin and David Halberstam

Oct. 15: “From Guantanamo to the Statehouse: Human Rights in 2005” -- ICLU annual conference and dinner

Oct. 18: Gaining that Competitive Edge — Global Sourcing

Oct. 19: Animals in Translation: Using the Mysteries of Autism to Decode Animal Behavior

Oct. 19: Consequences of Cuts to City Services in Indianapolis

Oct. 20: The Japan-US Partnership - Its Significance in the Global Context

Oct. 24: The United Nations, Democracies, and Civil Liberties: Can We Learn Lessons for the Struggle against Extremism

Oct. 25: Theology in Contemporary Music: Its Source May Surprise You

Oct. 26: Separation of Church and State

Oct. 26: Soledad O'Brien on "Diversity: On TV, Behind the Scenes and In Our Lives"

Oct. 27: Mikhail Gorbachev speaks!

Oct. 27: The Big Book of Jewish Conspiracies

Oct. 31: Inheriting the Holy Land: An American’s Search for Hope in the Middle East

Nov. 2: Wedding Song: Memoirs of an Iranian Jewish Woman

Nov. 2 “Art and Culture in the Islamic World

Nov. 2 -- "The Future of Public Education"

Nov. 4 Café Cinema: “Hotel Rwanda”

Nov. 5 -- Jewish Mystical Tradition and Spiritual Imagination: Living in the Presence of God

Nov. 5 -- Creation in Time and Eternity: Ecology and Orthodox Christianity

Nov. 5: Spirit and Place Anniversary Gala

Nov. 6 -- Bill Clinton at Butler!

Nov. 6 -- Public Conversation Dinner Dialogue

Nov. 6 -- A Public Conversation with Wendell Berry, A’Lelia Bundles and Rabbi Lawrence Kushner

Nov. 7: “A Reading with A’Leila Bundles

Nov. 7: Working Our Way Home: An Evening with Wendell Berry & Friends

Nov. 8: Hotel Rwanda: An Evening with Paul Rusesabagina

Nov. 8 -- "Jewish Food: The World at Table"

Nov. 8: "Where have all the farmers gone"

Nov. 9 -- "Health Care Reform: Current Prognosis"

Nov. 9 -- Women in the Professions: Who Moves, Who Stays, and Why Some of Us Choose to Stay Home

Nov. 9: Moving and Staying in a Global Indy

Nov. 9: The Diaspora and the Homecoming

Nov. 10: Skirting the Issue -- Stories of Indiana’s Historical Women Artists

Nov. 10: “'As Fast As Circumstances Should Permit': Abraham Lincoln's Move Toward Equality"

Nov. 10 -- Franz Lehár’s The Merry Widow, 1905 and 2005: Waltzing at the Edge of the Abyss

Nov. 11: “Becoming a Peacemaker

Nov. 12: "At Home through Learning and Sharing"

Nov. 13: Sacred Circles, Public Squares

Nov. 13: The Crossroads Ensemble in Concert

Nov. 13: "Israelis and Palestinians: Living in Peace as Neighbors"

Nov. 15: Staying at the Heart of Belief, Moving Toward One Another in Openness—An Interfaith Peace-Prayer Service

Nov. 16: Indiana Higher Education in a Flat World

Nov. 16: Breaking Ground -- Adventures in Life and Architecture

Nov. 16: Twenty Years of Interfaith in Indianapolis

Nov. 17: Gravitating Towards Indianapolis

Nov. 18: Regulars and Refugees -- An Evening with Carrie Newcomer

Nov. 19: "Time and Timelessness: A Conversation with Stewart Brand and Witold Rybczynski"

Nov. 20: Viewing of film "Alan & Naomi" and discussion with director Sterling van Wagenen

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